The “Robinson” Marketing Package


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Professional Photography & Film

Full Day (10 Hour) Photography & Video Session at the Property

  • Photos (Ground/Aerial)
    • Architectural HDR images (High Dynamic Range w/color metering)
    • Magazine-ready interior design photography
    • Aerial/Drone HDR architectural photography – property outlining and
    • True ground and aerial twilight images taken at both Golden and
      Blue hours
    • 360 degree interior/exterior panoramas stitched together creating a
      full virtual tour of the property
    • 2D/3D floor plans
  • Video (Ground/Aerial)
    • Full cinematic ground/aerial tour of the property in 4k+ resolution
    • In-camera transitions, shot in HDR log format, color corrected in post
      production, voiceover walk-through, licensed/original music
    • Engaging hollywood-style format with fun realtor cameos and click
      bait thumbnails
    • Professional post production – color grading, sound design, cutting,
      transitions, titles and special effects

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Create socially relevant, compelling visuals and get the property in front of the right buyer

  • Create content from the visuals
    • “Stories” using both photos & video clips
    • Create various length videos (4 videos – 3 in addition to final deliverable)
      • 5-sec teaser for FB & Instagram Stories
      • 15-sec ad video
      • 60-sec Instagram post
      • Full film – Facebook post & YouTube channel
    • Create photos with text 
      • Full image – hero image
      • Memes – YouTube thumbnail & Facebook post
      • Travel poster – for ads & additional posting
  • Use content to post 
    • Post twice per week on both Facebook & Instagram (16 posts per month)
      • One photo
      • One video
    • Boost posts to our target audiences
    • Post to relevant groups
  • Advertising
    • Create target audiences based on real market statistics
      • Ex. Currently coastal OC has influx from Silicon Valley and NYC
        • Create target audiences in San Francisco w/20-mile radius
        • Create target audiences in NYC w/20-mile radius
    • Segment target audience into income brackets and browsing history
    • Further define readiness by tailoring our content to their location and situation
      • Ready to purchase
      • Selling a home
    • Tailor ads to our specific market-segmented target audience & retargeting
      • Run ads with link to our landing page
      • Use analytics to learn behaviour
        • Tweak ads to better target our audience
        • Make ads more efficient to serve our audience’s needs
    • Create target audiences in the surrounding areas local to the property
      • Market to the local community
    • Run ads while improving efficiency until the sell of the property

YouTube Channel

Our channel to show off your property using viral techniques while appealing to an engaged audience

  • YouTube relevant style – YouTube edit
  • Post to our channel
  • Create YouTube ads
  • Clickbait Thumbnail image
  • Target local audience to sell home in YouTube ads

Property Website & Landing Page

The main showcase for the property featuring all of the visuals in a beautiful layout complete with all relevant information

  • Website with custom address-based domain (ex.
  • Build the site to showcase the property
  • Add a landing page to allow interested parties to “Sign up” and “Schedule Tours”
  • Gather emails and relevant information from interested parties
  • Use analytics to further maximise our advertising efficiency

Email Marketing

Nurture our current audience and continue to grow interest in the property

  • Send a “coming soon” email to our current list
  • Once the visuals are completed, send a “New Listing” email to our audience
    • Exclusive first peek before going live on MLS
  • After 2 days – Send a follow up email about our favourite parts of this listing and a link to the video
  • After 5 days – Send an email with our favourite listings in the area and how to get your offer accepted
  • After 10 days – Send an email showcasing a client success story
  • After 15 days – Send an email showcasing a client listing success
  • Send “Under Contract” email update
  • Send “Sold” email update showing stats

Flyer & Brochure

Use our beautiful visuals to create print collateral that can be seen by locals – a tangible asset gives your property precedence and a connection to the viewer that is lost in Zillow searches – this is one of the first commitments made toward purchase, accepting the brochure

  • Design a beautiful listing sheet flyer & brochure/booklet 
    • Distribute at the property
    • Distribute to local realtors & brokerages via email