Basic Real Estate Package


This Basic package is the cheapest way to get high-quality, professional photography for any home. Learn more about our process.

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    Show off the surrounding area. Let people see what you love about the location.

    • 149 $



  • 25+ High-Quality Architectural & Interior Shots
  • Professional retouching
  • 1-Day Turnaround
  • Accurate Colour*

Images are synonymous with your brand. In fact, the only result of all of your hard work are the photos and videos you have to show after it’s all said and done.

That said, we’re here to make you stand out and give you an edge over the next Realtor/Broker. Let your images do the talking, we’ll make sure they’re perfect, magazine-quality, publishing-ready and beautiful!

We’ll deliver both high-resolution Print and MLS-size images ready and optimised for quick upload.

We never send any photo that hasn’t met our standard of excellence professional retouching which includes:
Transparent windows, replacing the sky, adding or fixing the grass, cleaning the pool, replacing TV screens, adding fire to the fireplace

HDR – High Dynamic Range; we take a minimum of 5 photos per image produced and manually blend them to create an image more akin to what your eye would see.

Flash – We might use flash depending on the ambience and time of day in order to produce a more accurate image

*Colour Correction & White Balance – This is important – we ensure the colours you see in the images are accurate to what you see in-person. We’ve seen too many “brown images” or beautiful Carrara marble islands that look yellow-brown because of lighting and poor correction choices.

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